The Principle of X-ray Equipment

There are many different kinds of radiation, of which there are easy to penetrate the material radiations like X-ray, gamma and neutron rays 3 kinds. These three ray were used in nondestructive testing, the X rays, and gamma rays are widely used in boiler pressure vessel welds and other industrial products. The most important application of baggage scanner price is to detect specimen within the macroscopic geometric defects (testing).

According to different features (such as kinds of rays, recording equipment, process and technical characteristics, etc.) the x ray baggage scanner price can be divided into many kinds of different methods. Radiography is refers to a testing method of using x-rays or gamma rays to penetrate specimen, use film as the record information equipment nondestructive. This method is the most basic, the most widely used ray detection method.

The X-ray equipment specifications

X-rays are produced from X ray tube, x-ray screening system is a kind of polar tube. Make the cathode filament power on and make the incandescent electrons release in a vacuum, if the poles have between tens of kV and hundreds of kV voltage (called tube voltage), electrons are accelerated flight from cathode to anode direction and get a kinetic energy.

When the high-speed electronic impact anode, with the anode of metal atoms extra nuclear coulomb field, it will emit x-rays. Electronic part will turn into the motion of the X-ray can, most of which are transformed into heat energy. Electrons move from cathode to anode, the current, on the other hand, will flow from anode to cathode. The electric current is called tube current. To adjust the tube current, you just have to adjust the filament heating current.

When using ray through the objects, there will be absorption and scattering phenomenon. When X rays and gamma rays passing through material, the intensity will gradually weaken. Ray has a important properties, which is able to make the film. When film x-rays or gamma rays irradiation, just like the ordinary light, they can make the film of silver halide emulsion layer produces latent image centers, after developing and fixing was black, and receive the more rays parts the black degree is higher, this function is called ray photographic effect.

Because the power of x-rays or gamma rays of making silver halide photographic effect is much smaller than ordinary light, so you must use the special X-ray film, the film are coating both sides with the thick emulsion, in addition, we also use a intensifying screen to enhance photographic effect. The intensifying screen usually is made of aluminum foil. When the film had a light in a dark room after enhancement, fixing, washing and drying, and then put the dry film on the number of light observation, according to the image on black parts and no blackness is the same or not, we can judge the defect type, quantity, size, etc., this is airport security scanners specifications.