Cotton:Some characteristics of cotton are it's comfortable, absorbent, strong, durable, shrink, and wrinkles. Also it is made from a cotton plant. The care of cotton is by washing machine, hang clothes cause it won't wrinkle, and wash with warm-hot water with detergent. Also don't dry completely because it may shrink and wrinkle. Some uses are towels, shirts, underwear, and jeans.

Wool: Some characteristics of wool are it's the warmest, resist wrinkles, comfortable, stays in shape, won't catch on fire, repels moisture, and feeds on months. Also it is made from the coat of a sheep. The care of wool is to wash gently, dry flat not in dryer, and shave off fuzzballs. The uses of wool are sweater, rugs, blankets, and coats.

Flax: Some characteristics of flax are it's strong, smooth, wrinkles easily, comfortable, it creases, and it's tough. Also it is made from the stem of a flax plant. The care of flax is to dry clean, wash by hand, and you can wash in the washing machine. The uses of flax are purses, blazer, pants, and coats.

Silk: Some characteristics of silk is it's the strongest natural fiber, luxurious expensive, and it has a cool feeling. Also it is made from a cocoon spun by a silkworm. The care of silk is to dry clean, hand wash, and press while still damp. The uses of silk are lingerir, ties, wedding dresses, bed sheets, and curtains.

These are the four natural fibers.

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