"The one that could"

By: Justin Young

Justin with eyes the color of a BlueBonnett
Justin of two parents that go golfing every Sunday
Justin whose dad takes him golfing every Sunday is a teenager that sprints everywhere he goes talks as much as a parrart,lives with mother nature, explodes with kindness, decreases the amount of depressed people, encourages everyone to put a smile on everyones face.

Justin strenghthens peoples hearts,supports the people that try to make a difference in the world,revales the secret to kindness,because it will make the world a better place.

Justin inside the heart that could crys for help,inside the voice that could talk no more,inside the shirt that could mean no less, is a nomal kid that just wants to make the world a better palce, walks into greatness, flys away from terribleness, touches anyhting and makes it awesome, stares at something to make gold, fears of never making a difference in the world.

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