Full Manufacturing Facilities of Anderson Corporation

Anderson Corporation Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer of fibre optic and networking products with full manufacturing facilities and serving customers from all corners of the world. The maintenance of fibre optic based networks needs efficient tools and tackles with which the field engineers/staff can perform various day-to-day maintenance. Also the preventive, predictive and breakdown maintenance activities can be carried without much problems being faced.

Preparation and termination of the connectors is one of the frequently carried out activities and fiber optics termination kits are one such set of tools that help the technicians to carry out several activities like preparation and termination of fiber optic connectors. It has expanded as one of the market management in the market by continually providing top quality items at reasonable costs as well as providing silver category services and cause times to every client that purchases through Anderson Organization. Not only do Anderson offer fiber optic wire and produce spot brings we also have progressed into a company that markets and officially supports.

Fiber optic networks are stretched over long distances and they run through different terrains, geographical locations and are exposed to various environmental effects. These networks not only include rugged and heavy equipments but also delicate and sensitive instruments which can go haywire when exposed to rude shocks or harsh weather conditions. As these instruments can greatly impact the performance of the fiber optic network, they must be protected at all costs. The value of the optical fiber network lies both in its physical asset valuation and its efficiency in carrying the data. These equipments are expected to deliver high performance at all times and under all circumstances. But the extreme weather conditions like heat, cold, rain, snow etc.

All our fiber optic patch cords types mentioned above could be constructed with inner stainless armor to make them anti-rodent and robust, this light armored fiber patch cords usually is with 3mm outer diameter and for indoor. Fiber optic patch cable is also known as fiber optic jumper or fiber optic patch cord. It is composed of a fiber optic cable terminated with different connectors on the ends. For the fiber patch cables, there are two major application areas which are computer work station to outlet and fiber optic patch panels or optical cross connect distribution center.

We provide various types of fiber patch cords including single mode, multimode, multi core, and armored versions. You can also find fiber optic pigtails and other special patch cables here. It has an extensive range of fibre optic products & solutions on offer. We are always adding new products to our range and even if you can’t find it here, chances are we can get it.

So, please take a look around and don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiries. Anderson Corporation Pty Ltd able to offer a complete line of competitive and cost effective fiber optic products from name brand manufacturers. This includes bulk cable, cable assemblies, cable management products, connectivity, consumables, and fiber splicing materials, outside plant, test equipment and tools. For more information visit the site http://www.andcorp.com.au/ .

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