Lane Houses are trendy !

Many expats in Shanghai choose to rent lane houses over an apartment in a high rise complex. The Shanghai French Concession has the largest concentration of good quality lane houses for rent in Shanghai.

They’re very well located and while being entirely renovated, they still keep this Shanghai’s architectural heritage, in the center of the city’s old French Concession.

Here is a selection of our exclusive Lane Houses located in Former French Concession. This is Shanghai most coveted area, due to its charm and the vast array of entertainment options

4BR Lane House with Terraces + Floor Heating - 32K
1BR Lane House + Terrace - 15K
3BR Lane House - 160sqm - 28K
1BR Lane House + Patio - 50sqm - 8.5K
1BR Lane House + Private Garden - 70sqm - 12K
2BR Lane House + Private Garden - 25K
1BR Lane House - 50sqm - 7.5K

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