Top 5 Effective Advertising Display Products For Your Business

Competition results to innovation. This is very true in the case of marketing professionals who continually strive for ways in order to successfully market their products. In fulfilling this task, marketing experts have introduced novel methods of acquiring the attention of the public. While television, print and online advertisements are proven successful, the popularity of products attributed to physical displays should not be undermined. Knowing this, experts have developed and perfected the usage of the following display products that are bringing billions to companies worldwide.

3-D models. Three-dimensional models of products that manifest the message of the company are being placed in public areas like shopping malls in schools. In one instance, a giant flowerbed slipper was placed in a high-end shopping mall in the United States by a shop-manufacturing company. Colourful flowers abound the said display and the company said that it reflects their business’ commitment to produce eco-friend and durable synthetic slippers. The message was received with acclaim by the public saying that an advocacy such as this goes perfectly with the desire of many clients to support goods that were produced in an eco-friendly manner.

Signages. Names of companies, insignia and taglines that are fixed on high wall or in panels in parks or malls, signages are integral components of public promotions. The effectiveness of signages has also been supported by decades of experience wherein the signages have helped engrave in the minds of the viewers the message of the company and the image that it wants to portray.

Mobile banners. An innovation of the fixed signage system, pull up banners are banners which can be moved from one place to another. These advertisements are lightweight and very handy. While it is true that pull up banners can only cater to a limited number of viewers, the function of these banners during exhibits and conventions are highly appreciated. In particular, companies that set-up several booths in such congresses use pull up banners to convey their latest products and showcase eye-catching pictures.

LED display. Ideal for night events, LED display makes use of 3D engraving technology and crystals to offer moving display of the business advertisement. This display is also very energy-efficient since the diamond polishing technology used to incorporate the liquid crystals on the acrylic surface requires low power specifications. During day events, LED display is best used with roll up banner to provide a static message of the dynamic LED display.

Pop-up counter. Perfect for outdoor displays, pop-up counters can be used by kiosk owners during booths and outdoor festivals. As the name implies, this display makes use of a counter that is printed with the logo of a company, pictures of the products or the business tagline. Passersby and customers of the kiosk will surely notice the printed message on the counter.

Advertising displays when used appropriately are powerful ways to convey the message of a company. Fortunately, this list guides business owners of the methods that they can adapt to improve their marketing strategies.