CPR cheat sheet

Adult/Child CPR

  1. Check the Scene
  2. Check Person (tap them and shout "are you ok?"
  3. Call 911 (try to get someone else to but if you're alone put your phone on speaker so you can start next step also get a AED if available at this time)
  4. Start 30 Compression's (Use 2 hands, give 39 compressions at 100 per/min at least 2 inch deep)
  5. Open Airway (Tilt-chin)
  6. Give 2 breaths make sure to be checking to see if breath goes in.
  7. Continue cycle until 911 arrives or till AED becomes available.

Infant CPR

  1. Check Scene
  2. Check baby ( tap baby on the foot because that is the most ticklish place)
  3. Call 911 (Try to get someone else to but if alone put phone on speaker and get AED if available)
  4. Start Compression's with two fingers (Give 30 compressions, 1/3 the depth of the chest, 100 per/min
  5. Check airway
  6. Give two breaths be watching to see if they go in
  7. Continue cycle till AED becomes available or 911 arrives

Adult/Child Conscious Choking

  1. Check scene
  2. Ask if person is okay
  3. Stand behind the victim with one foot in-between the victims feet and your other foot behind you.
  4. Place the flat side of your fist just above the patients belly button. Grab the back of your fist with your other hand.
  5. Administer abdominal thrusts, pulling inward and upward, until the object comes out or the patient becomes unconscious.

Infant Conscious Choking

  1. Support the infant’s face and place body on your forearm.
  2. Keep the infants head lower than the feet.
  3. Administer 5 back blows between the shoulder blades with the palm of your hand.
  4. Support the infant’s head. Turn the baby over onto your other forearm. Give 5 chest thrusts.
  5. Continue back blows and chest thrusts until object comes out or infant becomes unconscious

Adult/Child Unconscious Choking

  1. Check Scene
  2. Ask anyone around what happened
  3. Call 911 (Send someone to call)
  4. Open airway (tilt-chin)
  5. Give breath
  6. Re position, reattempt
  7. 30 Compression (Using 2 hands, 30 compression, 100 per/min)
  8. Check for object in mouth (If object seen perform a finger sweep to get it out)

Infant Unconscious Choking

  1. Check Scene
  2. Check baby (tap foot and shout the foot is the most ticklish place on the baby)
  3. Call 911 (ask anyone if they know what happen
  4. Do 30 compression (using 2 fingers, 1/3 the depth of the chest)
  5. Open airway (check mouth for foreign object if seen perform a finger sweep with your little finger)
  6. Give 2 breaths after 1 breath re position and try again
  7. Continue until 911


  1. Check scene
  2. Check Person (tell them you are trained in first aid and ask if you can help them)
  3. Call 911 (have someone call or put your phone on speaker)
  4. Direct Pressure (apply gloves. Use gauze or other barrier to apply direct pressure too the site of the wound . Elevate if no fracture is suspected)
  5. Pressure Bandage (apply more dressings if needed and a pressure bandage. Do not remove bandages that will eliminate all progress)
  6. Recheck (always be checking for capillary refill,skin color, and skin temperature to make sure bandage is not too tight)


  1. Call 911
  2. Turn on machine
  3. Bare chest (shave any excess hair)
  4. Pad Placement (this depends on the age/size of the victim for a adult it is one on the upper right chest above the nipple the other on the lower left ribs under the arm pit. For children ages 1-8, an AED with child pads and a dose attenuator should be used.If only a standard AED with adult pads is available, it should still be used for children and infants in cardiac arrest.For infant place on pad on the middle of the chest and one on the middle of the back)

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