Many things can affect the human body. Your body is a precious thing, and you can easily throw it all away by making the wrong choices for your body. If you would like to live a healthy life, you have to exercise and eat right. If you don't exercise enough and you eat fast food or junk food a lot, you are more likely to have a shorter life than most people. The average lifespan of a male is 77 and the average lifespan of a female is 82. That’s the average for a healthy person’s lifespan. Now say if you ate junk food and fast food, and you never exercised, the average lifespan would be 55 years old. That’s at least 22 years younger than average. Exercise is crucial to a healthy, long life. Why is exercise important? Exercise can help make you fit and it helps normalize your glucose, insulin, and lepton levels by optimizing insulin/lepton receptor sensitivity. Doing drugs and smoking cigarettes is also very unhealthy for your body. They can make the organs in your body not function as well as they’re supposed to. Cigarettes can give you lung cancer. If you didn't know, lung cancer is very deadly. Brain tumors can grow and your brain can get a disease where you become mad, enraged, unaware, and come to the point where you can't even stop because your brain does not know to stop anymore. Our bodies are so fragile and people don’t realize it. People need to start realizing how fragile our bodies are because people are going to start getting obese and get diabetes, people are going to get cancer and have to go through chemo therapy, etc… Also, a lot of people forget that we only have one body, and if you put your body at risk by making poor decisions, you don’t get another body once you ruin the one you were given.