Where I Live

I live in hause of rent in victoria city. It's very big for men, but it is nice and pretty. There 's a big living room, a kitchen, a bedroom very nice, and bathroom.The kitchen has it's window an door, a at room confortable sofa. There is a bery big backyard used to hang clothes and we go to is a park at the center of the city. so well spent the afthernoon at a few days the playing or talk.

I live with my cousing ana in the house. I some day feel lonely but out with friends for a walk to play ride, homework, and I mis the da, I sometimes visit and watch tv, movies or eat.

I love my house for many rasons, the living room is big. The  good time with family and friends, and bes of all because it is my first house af rent and live with hout my parents.


The palace hoys exhibitions and theatrical performances and is the main venue of the ballet folklorico of mexico, beyond theater, the palace also promotes visual arts, dance, music, architecture and literature.

There are two museums housed within the museo National de Arquitectura that occupies the top floor of the building. There are epic murals an interior walls on the first and second floors by some of mexico's greatest artists, including Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Rufino Tamayo. On the ground floor you will find a restaurant and bookstore.

One of the highlights of the palace is the glass curtain in the main theater. Desingned by mexican artist, Dr. Atl, aka Gerardo Murillo, and buit  by Tiffany of New York, this impressive stage curtain is a stained glass foldable panel representing the landscape of  the volcanoes, popocateptl and iztacchihuatl.

My Description

My name is Juan Javier Vega Jaramillo, I have 18 years of age. I am a student in the universidad politecnica of  victoria tow race win of administration and management of pymes.

I live in a rental house with my cousing ana, are both tamaulipas abasolo but decided to study in this university.

I only speak spanish and I not like the inglish, my favorite subject is accounting, I like listening  to music and watching tv wekend out with my friends or I go to  see my family  for abasolo .

My name is juan javier vega jaramillo, my mother's name is maria del carmen she is a single mother I love her, I respect and admire because she and my grandmother took me

Live in city tamaulipas victory, my address is split Guadalupe hills, llera # 1568 I / Madero and Altamira.

in my free time I see many images of cars because I really like the sporty and more

My phone number is 8342092309

and I'm learning English because I know that is very essential in our life and Cadre in the future without the English will be very difficult to get a job at a company in either the public sector or the private sector,

My Occupation Video

although the English is difficult for me to learn much needed.

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