Polish Downtown Chicago

Chris G. P.8 January 22

Polish Downtown is Chicago's oldest polish settlement. Polish Downtown is centered around Polonia Triangle at the intersection of Division, Ashland and Milwaukee Avenue. Some attractions the Polish Downtown has are the Polish Museum of America, Chopin Theatre, and the Society of Arts. Polish immigration into the area sky rocketed during and after World War 2. As many as 150,000 Poles are estimated to have settled in Polish Downtown during 1939 and 1959. Soon after they settled, Division street was known as "Polish Broadway." There are many restaurants and museums named after Polish people. There are many ethnic groups in Polish Downtown. It is mostly made up of Polish, Italian, Ukrainian, and Latino people. One fun fact about Polish Downtown is that many neighborhoods used to be part of it, such as Polaski Park, River West, Bucktown, Wicker Park, East Village, and Noble Square.