July 21, 1861

  • I am Louise Claire Davidson and today is my birthday. I turned fifteen today. I am in the union and my father, Howard Jones Davidson, is fighting in the war. I live in a small town in Indiana. The town is called Dillsboro.
  • My father is stationed in Virginia. I haven't seen my father in a couple of months, and I incredibly miss him. I live with my mother, Scarlet Fay Davidson, and my two little sisters, Bethany Joel and Caroline Blue. Bethany is nine and Caroline is four. I don't even think Caroline remembers her father.
  • My family are black abolitionists. This morning I fed my horses, and went off to find some slaves. Of course, I didn't find any, but I did find some blood, and decided to track the blood later, when it's dark. I went home and fed my horses one last time just to make sure they're strong and healthy!
  • I set off again in the afternoon. I found the blood and tracked it into a slave. The slave was hurt. I put the injured slave on my horse and headed to my home to get them nice and healthy. I made a comfy home for the slave and gave it plenty of food. The slave an I headed to rest, and hopefully the slave was better in the morning.

July 22, 1861

" I heard how horrific the battle was. I wish I would know if you're here or not. I haven't got any information about it. Hopefully, the letter is just running late, or you havent wrote it yet. incredibly miss you father. I hope you miss me and my sisters, like we miss you. I'm kind of scared to death. I heard it was a very bloody war. Look at this horrifying newspaper.

Also that the battle is so far away scares me. It's all the way in Virginia, and that horrifies me. Virginia is a while away from us, so we will never know if you're alive or dead for a while. We all love you daddy."

July 23, 1861

On this day, I decided to take a walk in the woods behind my home. When I was walking I found a group of slaves trying to run away.

I wanted to help the slaves because they told me they were hungry. I cooked food for the sorrow slaves & fed them and that was my day.

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