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At least once in your life you have done a presentation, if its for school or for work. This tackk is here for you to learn different ways to present and how to do it the right way!


Short for “presentation” in Hungarian. it was created in 2008 to replace current power point programs. Developed further in 2009 by ZUI labs which is led by 3 Hungarians named Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy, Peter Arvai.


This one is called Power Point. Its the most commonly used presentation program ever. It is very simple to use. It is also one of the worst presentation programs to use. So many people have used it to reign terror on High school students and work presentations everywhere.


Its free and lots of fun to use. It is easy to edit and anybody can use it very easily. Inspires you to use your imagination. You can make some pretty crazy stuff with it.


Slide Share is practically Power Point but made to be more fun. It feels exactly like Power Point. it is among the top 120 most visited websites in the world, and was originally designed for businesses to share presentations with employees. Similar to YouTube but for slideshows.

How to make good presentations

keep each slide to the Six Line rule, where you only have six lines per slide. SAecond is to have awesome photos that keep the readers interested. Third is no dissolves, spins, or transitions because they distract the reader. Fourth is no sound effects from program because they will also distract the reader for the slides. And Fifth is now no print out of slides.

Now that you now how to lead a good Power Point, go into the world and teach everyone else about how not to kill with Power Point.

Cya Later!

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