Australian Stereotypes & Voices

A stereotype is a judgment or opinion about a single or group of people. Opinions are made about the way the speak, dress and act.

Stereotypes can be damaging to a person or a group of people as the stereotype may provide a negative feeling towards them. The stereotype may make them out to be the complete opposite of what they are.

3 different Australian Accents include

- Broad Australian Accent - General Australian Accent - British Received Accent

I feel that I have a general Australian accent. I feel I have this kind of accent because by definition it sounds more like my kind of ``accent`` as the British Received and the Broad accent don't really seem to fit in with my personality and the way I act.

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2 years ago

Good. Very basic. It would be nice to see some examples of the stereotypes you talk about and some real world examples of why they can be damaging for others. Some examples of why you think this accent fits with your personality would be good as well.