Creative Entry2

this a harry post just to warn you

So I badly edited a picture of the fabulous Luna Lovegood played by the equally fabulous Evanna Lynch. The reason why I edited it was because we talk a lot of how theater requires courage and bravery. To me Luna Lovegood embodies that perfectly.
That girl is weird no question about it. That's how people remember her as that odd chick. She wears weird earrings like the one in the picture (which are awesome. I want a pair don't you?) She talks about these mythical creatures like nargles and wrackspurts. The kids even call her loony Lovegood. She's just odd kay? All the kids at Hogwarts make fun of her. They even steal her shoes and hang them up somewhere.
You would think that she would stop being being weird right? Wrong, she stays stays odd. She doesn't care what they say which is really courageous. An interview with the Queen (J.K. Rowling) she even stated the wonderful thing about Luna is that she doesn't care about what other people think.
That's the attitude you need in Theater you need to not care about what people think about you. If you care too much about what people think about you which takes a type of courage. In essence you have to be Luna because if you don't you won't last a day in theater. That's why I changed her hair to orange because I have to be Luna and not give a crap.
Also as you obviously see I changed the colors of her tie to Gryffindor colors. One of the traits of the Gryffindor house is bravery which is basically risk taking. Which you need to have in theater as well. You have to be willing to look a complete idiot which requires courage and bravery.