Survey- college mascot match-up

People like you are outgoing, responsible, and quite strong willed. You like to be around other people and are talkative, friendly, and confident. You prefer to be in charge of any situation, and are usually good at organizing events and groups of people. Since you are so concerned about fairness, and have very clear opinions about what's right and wrong, you tend to become annoyed when people make exceptions to the rules or simply ignore them altogether. Outspoken, honest, and direct, you may sometimes interrupt or bluntly step on peoples' toes without even realizing it. You are naturally quite organized and productive, make quick decisions, and like to finish one project on time and neatly before starting another.

You are also a realistic and down to earth person. You prefer activities that are hands-on and have some practical use. While you probably have a great memory for facts and details, you become bored or frustrated with too much theory or with long discussions about things that may never happen. You prefer to stay busy and physically active and may be skeptical about trying new things or changing your routine. Your many friends admire your strong work ethic and know you to be a person of your word. But in your desire to have most things settled and decided, you may sometimes act a bit controlling or inflexible. You like to know what others expect of you, and you strive to fulfill all of your commitments precisely and completely.

-luke preslar


  • Being well organized and prepared.
  • Making reasonable decisions based on collecting lots of facts.
  • Presenting yourself as a hardworking, responsible person.
  • Setting realistic goals and making sure you meet all important deadlines.
  • Completing all applications and paperwork thoroughly.


  • Closing out options prematurely and making decisions too quickly.
  • Being unwilling to explore possibilities you haven't previously considered.
  • Not anticipating how decisions you makes now, may impact your future.
  • Being too serious, and not friendly or enthusiastic enough in conversations.
  • Focusing too much on details, and not presenting yourself as a well-rounded person.

College mascot match-up

UNC Chapel Hill: Archeologist- Conducts research to reconstruct records of past human life and culture from human remains, artifacts, architectural features, and structures recovered through excavation, underwater recovery, or other means of discovery. This career is also a part of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics cluster Science and Mathematics pathway.