2/12 Antigone scene 1 rewrite and Video.

Sentry: okay so I have so bad news, but I'm not sure how you will take it please don't react in a ad way. But than again I don't want someone else to get the news to you, because then it might be worse.

Creon: What is it you have to tell me?

Sentry: I had nothing to do with it okay.

Creon: What is it!
Sentry: ummm polyneices....
Creon: What about him?
Sentry: It seems that someone has given him a burial.
Creon: And the man who dared to do this!
Sentry: I Don't know I swear. You must believe me
The ground was dry not sign of digging, no, not a wheel track in the dust no trace of nobody. This morning when they relieved it to us and one of them, The corporal pointed to it. It was right there . The strangest. The body was just mounted over with little dust: you see? Not really buried but as it they'd covered it just enough for the ghosts peace. no dogs no wild animal in sight . And then what a scene thee it was! Everyman accusing the other: We all have to prove that we. Ould not have done this. We were ready to take a hot iron in our hands walk through fire, swear by all gods, It was not I ! I don't know who it was.
And then when this came to nothing someone said a thing that silenced us, us stare down at ground: I had to be the who told you the news And on of us had to do it! We had to throw the dice and the bad luck fell on me. So here I am no happier to be here then you are to have me Nobody likes the men who bring bad news.
Choragos: umm I have been wondering, King: can it be that the gods have don't this? Creon: Stop! Are you out of your mind? The gods? Why would they honor bad men? He tried to loot their temples, burn their images yes, and the whole state, and it's laws with it. So do you really think the gods have done it? (Sarcastically). I want you to bring me the man who has done this! Find him or your death will be the least of your problems.
Sentry: Kind may I speak to you?
Creon: your voice distresses me.
Sentry: Are you sure it's not your conscious?...
Creon : He wants the analyze me now!
Sentry: It's not what I say, but what has been done that hurts you.
Creon: you talk to much

Sentry: maybe, but I didn't do anything.
Creon: your speech may entertain you for now, unless you bring me the man who done this, you will get little profit at the end.
Sentry : Just bring me the man! You have seen the last of me at any hate. .

Sabria and Zarea!

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