Stupid - Gullible - Confident

Dogberry's Motive

       Dogberry wants to feel important by protecting John Pedro while he and his men are back from war.  At the beginning, Dogberry was trying to see if his men were trustworthy for "protecting" John Pedro. Dogberry ordered his men to apprehend anyone who seems suspicious and if they don't listen to them, then just ignore them and walk away. He wants to feel like he has power, respect and control like any other officer of the Prince.

Quote 1: "Are you good men and true?" I picked this quotations because it's Dogberry asking if his men are loyal and if he can depend on them.

Quote 2: "This is your charge: you shall comprehend all vagrom men; you are to bid any man stand, in the Prince's name." This quote shows that Dogberry isn't very smart because he said "comprehend" instead of "apprehend" and he didn't know that he made that mistake.

Dogberry's Development

At the beginning, Dogberry wears a dirty coat and pants and looks like a greasy pork sandwich. He looks to be in about his 40's and doesn't have any relatives in the play. Dogberry tries to protect the Prince while he is home with his men and it tells me that Dogberry is an ambitions man with too much confidence and very little knowledge. Others seem to know that Dogberry isn't too intelligent but Dogberry thinks he is really smart and clever.

Dogberry's Impact on the Plot and Theme

Dogberry plays a huge part in the plot, but not too much on the theme. If it wasn't for Dogberry, Claudio would have never known that it was a set up made by Don John. Dogberry's men caught the two guys that were part of the plan and  found out the truth and tried to tell Leonato. In the end, they found out that what Dogberry said was to be true and Hero and Claudio were wed. I believe that Dogberry loves power and control, or even just being important to someone. He made his simple job into a big deal so he could feel important. He wanted everyone questioned and he wanted to do a thorough job while Don Pedro was in town again.  

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