week 35


So it's been something like 4 weeks since I last created a tackk - pathetic I know! And even worse, I don't even have a good recent picture! The picture below is from the mirror at work today, I am terrible at updates! I hope I can get my act together before this baby girl arrives. I am generally feeling exhausted and enormous and swollen and sore. All day, all the time. For all the mama's out there, I know you want to say "just wait" but please don't. I know it will get worse and I will get more miserable. Speaking of those lovely two words, I read a really great blog post recently that said the just wait should only be said to expectant and new parents when describing joy, not trouble. Instead of a crying baby bringing on a "just wait for the teenage years." Or a swollen 35 week pregnant lady being told just wait until you are 41 weeks, let's all say something like, "just wait for all the joy your baby will bring when she says mama for the first time." You get my point, keep it positive people!

Anyways, no news is good news! Baby B is growing and moving and sticking her butt and feet out daily. She has hiccups at least 3 times a day and seems to prefer snuggling on my left side which leaves me with a very funny lopsided belly. We got a new car, a 2014 Acadia, and are big fans. We have all the baby gear, sleepers and size 1 diapers we will need - I think. I've read the books and we even started decorating for Christmas! We'll finish up our Christmas shopping this weekend and we are all set for her arrival except for some last minute updates to do on the nursery. I promise to take photos and create a nursery tackk in the next couple of weeks. Oh, and speaking of, did you notice anything new about Tackk lately? I know everyone reading this goes to tackk.com weekly and reads all the web and facebook updates - right? Anyways, there are some new cool palettes to use when creating your tackk and the one I am using today is called Nursery. Get it!? It's our nursery theme colors! How fun is that? Perks of being married to the co-founder! There are also 5 new, super fun backgrounds for me to use. Something I have been nagging poor Eric about for months, so props to Tackk for getting those done for this tired 8 month pregnant lady. It's the little things.

unflattering at week 35
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