A driver unconscious

This happend to me and my friend when we were travelling from Popayan to Cali in Colombia. We took a bus at the terminal because people hald told us that travelling by bus was safer than by taxi.

As we had so much fear of FARCS, we decided to take the bus. Then we went to the terminal and we took out our tickets at one of the most recognized companies.

Very confident, we got on the bus and sat next to a pregnant woman.

A few minutes later, we started our journey. Halfway, the driver decided to stop at a service station at roadside for a few minutes...

Then, he started the bus and continued with the trip. Incredibly, he didn't look if someone came along the route and he decided to continue, but suddenly, a truck appeared and the driver turned very quickly! We all screamed and thought we were going to crash, but luckily that didn't happen.

In the end, we arrived to Cali, fortunately safe and sound, but very terrified because the driver was an unconscious man!

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