England needs an Explorer

This is my Individuals and Societies project for Mrs. H

This is the year of 1509, I, King Kashyap, am here your majesty to as you for money. You are King Henry the VII and I will listen and follow you blindly in one condition, that I will get money to explore the parts of North America. I have heard that you will be looking for land in the North and I am willing to find it and claim it for you. Please allow me to do this mighty job, I will take all responsibility. I will be looking for deals across the North Americas, east to west! Having all ways to maneuver myself towards this opportunity is an honor. Resources that I will need are most likely to be weapons incase other such explorers come in my way for land. I choose these resources because, I will come in between another explorer, although I am not willing to begin a war immediately. I will cooperate and perform deals with them, when it comes out hand and they fight, war is plan B. Knowing geography, I will start myself in the Northeast and work my way south, so I can see if there is any unknown land which I can claim for my mighty King Henry VII.  For good use, I overhear that Spain and France explorers will be coming as well, such as Samuel De Champlain and John Cabot, to search and explore, obviously, and I will do anything to stop them from claiming land before me.  I will fight, work, trick explorers, and I will create a crew to tag along with, and if any of them disobey me I will throw them overboard. I will be heading in a ship to travel west and we will struggle, but as a team I will never give up. Never, I tell you.. Nothing can stop me, my king! I shall take great responsibility to make sure you know that I will come back with your land and ownership! Thank you, thank you so much your majesty.

This is the famous King Henry the VII

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