Energy Web Quest Issa Alzughbi Core:1

  1. In addition to use as a transportation fuel, what are three interesting uses for petroleum? What are three other uses that are very important to us? Three interesting thing from petroleum are that deodorants, life jackets, and skis are made from it.  Other important use are that it produces clothes, combs, and tires.
  2. According to the Department of Transportation, how many gasoline and diesel-fueled motor vehicles are currently on U.S. roads? According to the Department of Transportation, there are 247,264,605 gasoline and diesel- fueled vehicles of U.S. roads.
  3. According to the Census Bureau, how many people currently live in the U.S.? What is the current global population? What percentage of people all live in the U.S.?   U.S.Population- 318,048,092. Global Population- 7,166,231,985. 5% of people live in the U.S.
  4. Globally,what is the number of barrels of crude oil produced daily in 2007? There were approximately 7.5 million barrels barrels produced daily.
  5. How many barrels of crude oil did the U.S. consume each day in 2007? 2,954 barrels are consumed daily in 2007.
  6. Based on the data in #4 and #5 above, what percentage of world crude oil production was consumed by the U.S.? Estimated to 24% of the worlds crude oil was consumed by the U.S. in 2007.
  7. Based on the your calculations from #3 & #6, complete the following statement: The U.S. is home to _____% of the world's population, yet consumes _____% of the world's crude oil. The U.S. is home to 5% of the worlds population, yet consume 24% of the world's crude oil.
  8. What was the global daily consumption of crude oil in 2007? 700,000 were consumed each day.
  9. Based on #8, what was the total amount of crude oil consumed globally for all of 2007?  About 936 million barrels.
  10. According to BP, the top oil producing company in the U.S., what is the size of the world's oil reserves? 359 billion barrels
  11. Based on the data from #9 and #10 above, and assuming constant production and no change in the size of global reserves, how many years should our current endowment of crude oil last (realizing these assumptions may be faulty)? BP said about 52.9 year from 2012.
  12. According to the image below, during which decade did global oil discovery peak? 1960 is when the global oil discovery reached it's peak.
  13. According to the Energy Information Administration, when did U.S. crude oil production peak (scroll down to Figure 12)? 1970's were when   crude oil production peaked.

14. In 2010, what percentage of our crude oil was imported from other countries, according to the EIA? 40% in 1991 and in 2012 it was 57% of our oil is from other countries.

15. Why is it disadvantageous that the U.S. imports crude oil from other countries? The U.S. will have to pay a lot of money for the oil, then they will raise the prices on goods that people buy.

16. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (EIA), when is the global petroleum production peak expected to occur? What is the prediction made by the International Energy Agency (IEA)? The global petroleum peak is expected to be around 2030-2040. The prediction by the IEA is around about   2022.

17. What effect will the global petroleum production peak have on the world? There will be a high level of demand from around the world.

18. Do you anticipate the U.S. becoming 'energy independent' over the next decade? I don't think they will become energy independent in the next decade because people won't realize that we should use renewable resources until the oil and gas is gone.

19. View the video Peak Oil Explained (below). Summarize the content of the video and explain if you think its content and assessment of our situation is fair and accurate. I think this video is fair and accurate. it talks about how oil is and will be. I agree when it says we should start using clean an renewable energy instead of energies that will hurt the Earth.

20. What recommendations would you make to President Obama to help the U.S. manage its energy needs?

Dear Barrack Obama,

To seek a better future with energy we should do many things. There are better energy sources than oil. Oil won't help the world, but harm it in ways where we can't live. It can cause pollution and that can hurt our bodies. It can cause problem are countries to.

Countries around the world will get in arguments all over oil. The economy will be in very great danger if we don't act now. If we don't act now, it could be another Great Depression.  We should move to a cleaner and safer energy sources such as solar energy.

Renewable energies will be better than using fossil fuels. Fossil fuel will take millions of years to produce, while renewable energy sources are always there and will never run out. Energy is what make the world have electricity. instead of using stuff that runs out just use energy that is best for the Earth and us.

Thank you,

Issa Alzughbi

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