Longwell Company - Extracting Attractive Returns

Extracting attractive rates of return from property investments is the business of the Longwell Company, a leader in investment and property management and maintenance since 1992. By applying their considerable property management and renovation skills to each investment over a 3 to 5 year period, the Longwell team is able to turn a good property into a great one, and to reap the rewards of their hard work and strategy with greatly enhanced value.

Longwell Company takes a serious and forward-thinking approach to property investment, looking not to the current condition of a property, but to what exactly it will take to transform it into a winning investment opportunity. This forward-thinking investment philosophy, the cornerstone of the Longwell operation from the very beginning, has been the key to the success of many apartment complexes and investments throughout the region, and has helped the company build a reputation as one of the most effective and efficient long-term property investment firms in the industry.

Longwell Company has built many strong relationships with parties in the fields of institutional lending and real estate brokerage, respectively, and has been able to make these relationships work, time-and-again, for both the firm and for residents/tenants throughout the region. They maintain a focus on housing complex investments with the characteristics of declining rental property assets, as well as those with below-market rental rates, so as to ensure the success of their long-term investment and management strategy as much as possible.

Longwell continues to extract attractive returns on each investment, and to prove itself an industry leader with each acquisition they make.

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