Civil War Diary

By: Elizabeth Miles

Journal entry 1

Hello my name is Elizabeth Miles. I am a women solider in the Civil War. I live with my mom, dad and little brother, Henry, Henry is 5 years old. We live in Pennsylvania on a big farm. We produce vegetables and sell them for money. I am only 18 years old and only my family knows about me being in the Civil War. I though that it was unfair for the boys and men to be forced to go to the war but the women don't have to go so, i cut my hair and dressed as if I were a boy.

Journal entry 2

Phillip- Hi possum, nice to see you again !

Elizabeth- Hello there I’ve been played out toeing the mark. How have you been?

Phillip- Hunkey dorey! But I’ve gotten some hard knocks because I’ve been wallpapered on joy juice.

Elizabeth- Sounds like you're fit as a My bread basket has been empty because I'm low on greenbacks.

Phillip- Thats a hard case. I’ve been going to the sawbone one too many times. Those Arkansas toothpicks make me fit to be tied.

Elizabeth- Lots of hornet wounds? I hate those pesky pepperboxes.

Phillip- And it doesn’t help that I’ve got a bad case of quick step. Gotta skedaddle, my quick step is acting up!

Elizabeth- Okie dokie see ya possum.

Journal entry 3

Dear Mother,

     I took the time to write to you today because, I felt that it was important for you to know that all is well. No one has yet found out about my disguise as a man. When everyone is changing I have to go somewhere else, far away from everyone so that they don't find out that I am actually a woman. We have had a lot of down time, everyone just hangs around. Sometimes we will all play cards, witch is quite fun. The generals have informed us so may times about how serious punishments are is you were to misbehave in some way. Someone stole anthers hat and they had to walk around with a big wooded slab tied around them that said thief in all big letters. I have to be very careful around everyone because if anyone found out that I am a girl i would get in so much trouble for lying, I don't even know what my punishment would be. Please send my love to father and Henry and tell them that I am healthy and doing well.

serenely, Elizabeth Miles

Journal entry 4

When we read the Jeremiah story we read ages 1, 2 3, 5, 6, 10, and 18.

1. Jeremiah, when you chose to join the Union army , what caused you to make that choice?

2. Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about? I'm happy about staying with my mom because i got to spend more time with her before I got captured by the South.

3. Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different? I wish that I didn't choose to go to go south and west with the Union army.

4. Jeremiah, would you have choose to fight in the East? Ask a question that makes Jeremiah talk about one of the issues brought  up at the end of the story you chose to create.

Journal entry 5

We go marching one one by one, hurrah hurrah!!

We go marching one one by one, hurrah hurrah!!

We go marching one by one, we're all gonna kill someone

And we all go marching down to the war to win back the shore

We go marching two by two, hurrah hurrah!!

We go marching two by two, hurrah hurrah!!

We go marching two by two, we're all gonna load our guns

And we all go marching down to the war to win back the shore

We go marching three by three, hurrah hurrah!!

We go marching three by three, hurrah hurrah!!

We go marching three by three, we're all gonna survive today

And we all go marching down to the war to win back the shore

Journal entry 6


Eating and playing poker early in the morning on our free time.

Dear Mother,

    I write to you today to tell you about the awful food that I have to eat. Many people have been getting sick from the meat we eat. They Barry the meat underground to keep it fresh, then they cook it over a fire. It taste awful and it is very unsanitarty. My favorite food is hart attack because it is bread that is hard and I can just chew on it for a wile. I miss your cooking. I cant wait until I can come home to see you, father , and Henry. Please send my love to everyone and tell them that I will be home soon, hopefully.


Journal entry 7

Dear Mother,

    I write to you today because, I have had great luck with my health. I just wanted to inform you that I am as fit as a fiddle. I try to keep distance from the other soldiers because I don't want to get any type of sickness from them and I don't want them to know that I am a girl. Don't you find it very interesting that more people die from dyarhea then being shot. I'm surprised that I haven't died yet from seeing all of the people in the hospital sick.  If i were to get sick there's not much that the doctors could do to help me. They was off all their tools with just water and, all the patience share a thermometer. Well anyways send my love to father and Henry. You all must not worry about me I am perfectly fine.

Sincerely,  Elizabeth Miles

Journal entry 8

    It feels so great to be home. Going into the war I never thought that I would make it out alive. It has been a great but dreadful experience in the war. I have seen so many brutal deaths that have made me want to quit but, there have been so many inspirational people that have made me keep fighting and giving it all I got. When I was on my way home all I could think of was how my family would react to my return. When I was walking up to the house everything looked warned out. I was confused because my dad always takes care of the outside. When I walked in my mother and little brother, Henry ran up to me and were hugging me and saying how they were so worried and didn't think that I was gonna be coming home. Then i asked where my dad was. He was in his room sick. His face was pale and his lips were purple. He had some really bad sickness but no one knew what it was. It was so great to be home but I am really worried about my dad.



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