Women's Snowboarding Half pipe

By: Janaija & Renecca

        The first Olympics were held in 776.BC in Greece. There were sports in the ancient Olympics like Pentathlon. It was made in addition to wrestling in 708 B.C. It also included running, jumping, and discus throw.

        The running was a pre -eminent test of speed and the Olympia track stretches from one end to the other. All together it was a 200 m foot race. In the jumping portion the athletes use stones called halters to increase their jump. They hold on to the weights until their flight ends and then they jettisoned them backwards. In the game of discus throw, the discus was first made of stone but then it was made in iron and soon bronze. In that sport athletes throw the discuss by lunging forward at a fast speed and then trying to throw it as far away as you can. Some other sports are wrestling, boxing, pankration, and equestrian events. Wrestling is a highly values military exercise without weapons. It only ends when one player admits defeat. In boxing athletes have to wrap heir hands with leather gloves and wraps and attempt to physically get their opponent to admit defeat by using  punching and jabbing tactics. Pankration is a form of martial arts that combines wrestling and boxing and is considered to be the toughest sport. It is believed that the sport was founded by Theseus when he defeated the Minotaur in labriynth. Equestrian events included horse races and chariot races that took place in Hippodrome, and wide open space.

       The summer Olympics were first held in 1896. The first modern winter Olympic games were held in Chamonix, France, and the last winter games were held in Socchi, Russia. My sport, women's snowboarding half pipe, started in 1998 in the Nagano Games. This sport was developed in the U.S as people started to look for winter activities to do and it soon became popular. People began to make multitudes of boards and soon  it gained appeal to many people. By 1980 it was a nation wide activity.

       The rules for  my sport are: Judges can take away points for bad landings or falls,   a medium mistake would be going to a full stop during the event or dragging your hand in the snow, a major mistake would be a complete bail in the event and that could knock off 25 points, and each judge can give a maximum of 100 points per run the scores are averaged together and the highest score wins gold.

      To prepare for this event, athletes would have to train hard and be taught preferably by a trainer and they would have to make sure that they were entered in the sport category they wanted, They would also have to figure out the traveling information for wherever the Olympics would be held. Along with that, they would have to get there winter attire for the event considering that the sport is a winter themed event. Some famous people from my sport are Maddie Bowman, Brita Sirgourney, and Marie Martinad.


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