Everglades Florida

Morris and Maurer

This is a Biome where many habitats are created.

Habitats are the American alligator,American Crocodile,Atlantic Ridley Turtle.

Even though these animals are mostly harmless to people, we are killing these animals off.

People are killing the American Alligator because they mistake it for the American Crocodile.

People are also killing the American crocodile because we are destroying there habitat. We are using it for our own homes. People think there is nothing wrong with thuis but this is against the law. Why do this?? These animals didnt do anything to the American people.
Atlantic Ridley Turtle-is another animal that is getting killed off. They get killed off because they fall on there backs and cant get back up. They simply stay ther until they die. They stay there with no food and no water. They just Die.

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