CN Tower

The symbol of my dream!

There is no words to describe what I felt up there!

In the afternoon, we got ready to go to Rogers Centre. This would be the first time that I would watch a baseball game. I had never seen a baseball game before, even on TV, so I was very excited to see it. We were at Alessandra's apartment when we remembered to dress up to go to the game. Leibe and I decided to go first to the hostel before the others because we needed to take our baggage out of the locker room and bright it to our bedroom. There, we found Jeverson who had just arrived from his interview. Then, met the other guys at the Toronto Eaton Centre, the largest mall int Toronto, to go to Rogers Centre. Arriving in the stadium, we were so amazed with its structure. The building was very beautiful and modern. I loved to have gone there, but only because of the stadium; the game was not as exciting as I expected.

Nevertheless, The best part of the day was still about to come! Visiting the Rogers Centre was great, but it was nothing compared to what is located beside, the CN Tower. before the game finishes, we quit to see to magnificent CN Tower. That I can say that it was always my dream to know. I almost did not believe that I was in front of it and, within a few minutes, I would be inside and on top of it. When we got into the tower, an elevator took us up to the top, where we could see a great, beautiful part of Toronto. It was about 9:00pm when we were on top of the CN Tower, and we could see this beautiful sight of City's lights at night. In fact, I was completely amazed with all of it. To know the CN Tower was fantastic! I remembered arriving in Canada at first, when I randomly passed in front of the tower by taxi. That is an unforgettable memory. I hope to go there again!

[To be continued...]