Temperate Grasslands

By: Abbie, Dylan, Seth, Hannah

The Savanna is found in warm or hot climates. The annual rainfall is from about 50.8 to 12.7 cm (20-50) inches per year. It is crucial that the rainfall is concentrated in six or eight months of year. Followed by along period of drought when fires can occur. It has a rapid drainage of water. Certain savannas can recieve a little altitude.

Our group is doing our project on Temperate Grasslands. In the grassland you will encounter tons of trees, like, cottonwoods, oaks, and willows which grow in the river valley. Trees aren't the only thing you'll see. There are also alot of animals, but don't be scared, they're friendly. One of the animal facts is about the Zebra. The zebra is like a horse but it is like a donkey too. Then the ox-pecker bird is made out of two species of birds. If you really want to know what the temperate grasslands geology is like, well here is what our geologist has to say. Nearly about 1/4 of the Earth's land is made up of temperate grasslands. There are many diffrent kinds of names for the savanna such as: grasslands, pampas, plains, steppes, and prairies. The weather is also a big thing to know if you want to go on a vacation. The grassland is found in warm or hot climates where the annual rainfall is from about 50.8 to 12.7 cm. (20-50) inches per year.

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