Hemingway's Cats / Summary

By Sara R.


  • Macho hunter and fisherman
  • He showed great admiration for the fish and he killed the animals he studied.
  • He had 57 seven cats
  • His writing focuses on the world between the hunter and the hunted
  • His animals helped him to cope with his failing relationships, deep-seated loneliness and life-threatening diseases

Chapter 1- The Early Cat Years

  • He inherited his love for animals from his parents and his love for nature
  • He rescued mistreated and adopted animals adopting stray cats and dogs

Chapter 2- Cats at Wallon Lake

  • He loved reading. Especially: Stephen Crane, Rudyard Kipling, and Mark Twain. He loved adventure fiction and science.
  • Ernest preferred sleeping in a tent at nights by kerosene lamps

Chapter 3- Love and War

  • After graduation he enlisted in the army
  • He wanted to be a writer and did not want to lose time, however, some years later, he regretted of not having taken this decision
  • He worked for newspapers. Especially: ‘Kansas City Star’ and learnt the art of journalism
  • Agnes Von Kurowski- Hemingway’s first love
  • On July 8, a trench mortar exploded near Hemingway, he was wounded and as a consequence, he received two surgeries. – To remove 237 pieces of shrapnel from his hands and legs
  • He became the first American to be wounded in Italy. Thus, he received the Legion of Honor Medal and the Silver Medal of Valor
  • He fell in love with his nurse: Agnes Hannah Von Kurowski- A former librarian and a nurse. She referred to Ernest as: ‘The Light of my Existence’
  • The romance lasted five months. Agnes wrote a letter to Hemingway telling him that he was in love with other man.

Chapter 4- The First Mr. Hemingway

  • He got married with Hadley. September 3, 1921

Chapter 5- Too Poor to own a Cat

  • Hadley and Ernest moved to Paris. Ernest started his career as a writer
  • They rented a flat. However, the money they had not enough funds.
  • Hadley got a depression
  • Hemingway started writing and by 1923 his first book was released to the market: ‘Three Stories and Ten poems’. By 1924, he finished ‘ Cat in the Rain’ and, by March 1924, ‘In Our Time’ published in Paris.

Chapter 6- Paris and Feather Puss

  • Hadley and Ernest child was brought up in Toronto
  • Ernest worked for the Toronto Star as a reporter
  • Wax Puppy died and Hadley and Hemingway had to return to Paris with no pet in their hands
  • Hadley had a baby with Hemingway and they rented a house –in poor conditions but in a better location
  • Hadley divorced from Hemingway after being 5 years marriage

Chapter 7- A feather kitty never dies

  • In 1926, Pauline Pfeiffer became the ‘other woman’. She had an uncanny knowledge of the literary world
  • He married Pauline Pfeiffer on May 1927
  • Hadley married Paul Mowrer on July 3, 1933

Chapter 8- The Isle of Cats

  • On June 28, Pauline gave birth to a baby by caesarean- Whose name was Patrick
  • Pauline was sportive and an active woman. She was a talented sculptor and painter
  • Their five-year relationship ended in 1936 due to several circumstances
  • Hemingway found himself in love with two woman
  • Hemingway met Sara, 16 years senior to whom he had a sexual affair-very well hidden- She had delicate features, youthful spirit, and elfin personality. She adored his macho- swagger, and his sensibility.
  • Hemingway’s opinion about Sara was that she was the golden-hair woman with blue eyes from the aristocratic society
  • On December 6, Hemingway’s father received news that his father had committed suicide in Oak Park, Illinois. After his death, Hemingway buried himself in his homework, writing six hours per day
  • Pauline got pregnant for second time -by caesarean too