National Farmers Union,
By Sam Gabel and Bailey Kruse

The NFU was founded in 1902. It was formed to help out farmers in need of change.


The purpose of the NFU is to voice issues to state and national government concerning agriculture.


The NFU is made up of over 40,000 members and counting!


The NFU has many benefits. Members can get discounts at over 6,000 hotels nationwide. The benefits also extend to discounted insurance and car rental.

How does the NFU operate?

The are a group that brings issues to the governments to help out the family farms with agriculture needs.

What does the NFU deal with?

The NFU deals with issues the members deal with everyday with agriculture. They then take these issues and address them to the state and national government.

Why should you join?

You should join the NFU because your agricultural questions and issues need to be dealt with! You get many benefits, education, and representations just by joining the NFU! Hurry up and sign up!

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