A bit of Info About Me

Other than the name I have on my profile, I'm sure I really said much about myself.

Though it's already known I hate being in front of a crowd, makes me feel uncomfortable. A really great trait of mine, right? Having a fear of being stared at and judged is pretty freaking swell. Note I typed that in a sarcastic way... Just read it like that, alright?

I may always look like I have a scowl and about to kill a man just by the slightest annoyance, but really I'm not that all bad. It's just my neutral expression, that's all. I often give of the wrong vibe without meaning to.

Hmm... What else? What else?...

Oh, Also I love to draw and write made up stories about fantasy worlds and the like. My head is always up in the clouds thinking about weird things, odd circumstances and flying llamas.

That's all for now. Thanks.

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