why people need good in the world.

your on top of a burning building and your life is at risk, becuase of a couple of people who decided to rikun a plane into a building. I feel that there should be good people ,it would spteatd and make thing a lot easier.

  if there were more good people in the world a lot of people wouldn't do any illegal actions. Instead of terrosit bombing there will bensuprise party's . More smiles than screams. Everything would be good for everybody. With less bad people this will benifit not only the economy and country's but the whole earth too.

  Bad people are needed though. they keep the world in balance.  There'll be no point for kilitarys or other things like that  like cops. There has to bad people or else something bad is bound to happen.

In conclusion I feel there should be.more good people on this earth than bad. I also feel that bad people will always brig trouble but the world needs balance. Good people will not only create crime free world, but influence others to succeed and do the right thing.