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By:Deja Williams

Topic Colon Cancer

My topic was colon cancer , i have done a model of the colon before and after being diagonsed with colon cancer.

More lives are lost each year to colon cancer then to breast cancer and AIDS combine.

They are four stages that deals with colon cancer.

About 5 percent to ten percent of people who develop colon cancer have an inherited gene defects that cause the disease.The colon is the first six feet of the large intestine, which is part of the digestive system. Beginning in the cells where the lining of the colon is, normal cells start to change and grow causing a mass, which everybody knows as a tumor.

Approval Form

Topic Approval Form

Interview Question And Answer

Interview on colon cancer , how did it affect them or family wise. I wrote down what the person had told me when i ask the question and i got them to sign the paper saying that i had interview them.


.White Clay
.Pink Spray Paint
.Black Marker

I used the white clay to form a hard thick structure to the clay , i form the clay around the pipes , let the clay sit over night to form the hard thick structure. Another material i used was pink spray paint, the paint was used to color the colon. The beads represents the lumps that would form on the colon after being diagnosed with cancer. Thread was used in this product to make the lines that are in your colon. The black marker was used to make the colon look black after being diagnosed with colon cancer.


A model of the colon , i have a picture that is before colon cancer. It explains how your colon looks as a normal colon. I have a after picture that explains what the colon looks like when you are diagnosed with colon cancer.

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