Anne Frank
Victoria Mendoza

Anne Frank

         For amy biography report I chose Anne Frank. One of my reasons for choosing Anne Frank is because I want to learn about how she lived. Another reason is because I want to learn about Jewish people. Finally, my last reason is because I could not believe she hid for almost 2 years.

         Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. Her real name is Annelies Marie Frank. She had an older sister named Margot. Anne talked a lot about the tree outside her window, in her diary. Anne said it was her guide for the weather. She loved that tree.

         Anne Frank went to a Montessori school. At school, she wrote about talking as much as her mother, so she called herself chatter box. When Anne Frank went into hiding she didn’t get to go to high school or college. When she died the school was named after her.

          Anne Frank would write about the things she had to face being a Jew during World War II. Some people took her and her family to a concentration camp. While she was away her friend found her diary. After Anne died at the age of 15 of a disease called                     Typhus, her diary was given to her dad. He read it and she had written that she wanted to get it published. They titled it “The Diary of a Young Girl”.


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