Chemistry Portfollio

Jackeline Valle

Letter Of Introduction

October 10th, 2013

I am Jackeline Valle, and i'm 15 years old. I was born, and raised in Chicago. I'm a sophomore at Josephinum. I have 3 siblings that are younger than I am. I'm not very good with science, and it's studies.

The purpose of this letter is for you to see my progress throughout my Chemistry class for the 1st and 2nd semester. But mostly, it's for me to reflect on myself, and see how i've grown in some areas. It's also an opportunity for me to know what I should put more effort into. I really hope to learn what I was doing wrong, right, and what I can improve with this year. I strive to make this portfolio a good learning experience.

ILOs: Chemistry Intended Learning Outcomes

Critical Thinker

This artifact shows that I am a critical thinker because I am using the knowledge of electron configuration and using it to solve the configuration of the elements. I know how to apply my thinking skills to solve electron configuration problems. I know exactly which process from class lessons I need to use. As you can see, I was able to identify the correct electron configuration for most of the elements.

Self Regulated Learner

In this artifact,  I follow a procedure.  This artifact is a lab project that I did. In order to have results I had to follow a procedure. If I had not created and followed this procedure, I could have gotten completely different results. I also had to create a data table to record my information.  

Problem Solver

In this artifact I show that I am a problem solver because I use the Aufbau Diagram to guide me through the electron configuration process. I utilize the diagram to know how many electrons to have in each orbital. Using the diagram to fill up the orbitals was my method to solving the problem to my advantage.

Effective Comunicator

This is my element project. This shows that I am an effect communicator because I organized a lot of information into a pamphlet. It communicated to others the importance of tin, its atomic number, atomic mass, isotopes, characteristics and common uses. My pamphlet can help anyone who wants to know about tin.

A Collaborator

This artifact shows i'm a collaborator because I worked with a group to solve questions as a review for a test. We answered 3 sets of questions and I was able to learn from my group. They were also able to listen to me and learn from me.

Responsible Student Committed to Justice

These are a couple of questions I answered by doing research on them. This applies to real life because our water source in Chicago comes from Lake Michigan. Doing this helped me know what our water goes through to get to our sinks.

A Spiritual and Ethical Person

This is my quarter final. I may have not gotten the ideal score on it, however, I tried my best. I tried my best because I knew that it would show what I know and what I don't. It wasn't my best score, but when I took this test, I knew that when I tried, it was the best attitude i've had. I don't usually carry that attitude, but I really wanted to reflect what I was capable of on a test. Wasn't the best, but I tried.

Final Reflection

This year in Chemistry, I have developed skills, which are the seven ILOs, that help me apply the work to my life. Putting this portfolio together has given me the opportunity to reflect on my work. I know that I have made huge improvements, and that there is still plenty of room to improve. I feel very proud of what I have accomplished this year in Chemistry. I might not be close to being the best student at all, but I feel like as long as I learn and understand, i'm satisfied enough.

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