A Poem on love:


My mind jumps to conclusions it ought not

When that smile I see,

But what is meant by that smile?

Could it be as Hazel says, a smile not taught?

Do I speak of what I own?

Never. Never could one tame this beast,

This feeling and this sight unprecedented,

This being is my home.

A joyous chorus, a heavenly refrain!

All cliche when dealing with what we ought

A chemical so strong and strange

Its strength is all I've sought.

Consumption at the very grain,

My plan alone shall be,

For I have always racked my brain,

To think of ways to make you...me...

If sorrow falls and tears abide

I alone shall fall,

But fueled with further strength inside

I will stand tall.

Short and silent, strong and true

Truth in your eyes lies,

For where they look is far beyond

The limits of our skies,

Our small abode, quaint yet pure

Is all we ever need,

For life can never confine this soul

As long as you're with me.