Delia Pellettiere

looking back, moving forward

Looking Back

The decision for my parents to send me to St.Clare was probably an easy one considering my mom,aunts ,uncles and cousins all attended St.Clare. I couldn't be more thankful for there decision to send me here. These past nine years have been filled with friendship, love, education, sweat ,tears ,fun times ,and hard work. Being a cheerleader for 8 years in this school has changed my perspective on people, sports, and life. I am more than greatful for being with this same group of amazing people for the past nine years. I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world.

Moving Forward

This September instead of coming back to the halls of St.Clare, I will be attending Notre Dame Academy. I've never been more excited but I'm also very upset to leave my friends. St.Clare didn't just give me a decent education, but a bond with a group of people i will never loose, and never forget, and I am greatful for that.

Thank You

Dear Mom,

In these past nine years in St.Clare there have been many ups and downs, weather they had to do with school work,friends ,teachers , cheerleading ,or any other possible thing I could think of you were always the one to help me through everything.  Thank you for paying for the decent education I received but also paying for me to go through St.Clares Cheerleading program.

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