Beat Winter’s Heat with an Espar Airtronic

The predictions are in and it’s looking like a good chunk of America is in for another arctic winter. For truckers, that means coming up with ways to keep reliability and comfort of their vehicles high while ensuring safety throughout a haul. Battling the cold is made a whole lot easier when a truck is equipped with an Espar Airtronic bunk heater.

Why Invest in a Bunk Heater?

A bunk heateris an add on that can provide truckers who cover the long-haul or just run short-distance trips a lot of benefits. These heaters work in conjunction with standard cab heaters to provide drivers more reliability, safety, comfort and cost savings. Here are just some of the benefits of installing an Espar Airtronic,especially as another cold winter is just around the corner:

* Overnight comfort – A bunk heaterprovides all the heat a truck’s cabin or sleeping area needs without having to run the rig in idle. This is a great way to ensure that comfort (and safety) levels are optimum without having to overwork a truck’s own engine and heating system.

* Start reliability – When a bunk heater is also routed to provide heat for the engine compartment, those cold-morning starts can become a whole lot more reliable. Since gentle heat is provided to vital components all night long, the worry about freezing is eliminated.

* Wear and tear – Running a truck in idle all night long to keep the heat going does put wear and tear on engine components. An Espar Airtronicremoves this concern entirely and prevents wear and tear along the way.

* Cost savings–Running a diesel rig engine throughout the night also costs money. Add on heaters tend to operate using very little diesel and a small amount of battery power. The end result is an overall savings. And, when the need for getting a hotel room on those especially cold nights is removed from the equation thanks to the heater reliability, the savings add up even faster.

Trucking is a great job until winter’s bite is felt. Fight back with a bunk heaterthat offers comfort, reliability and enhanced peace of mind.

About the Company:

Lubrication Specialists is one of the leading providers of Espar Airtronic products to truckers all over America. Offering reliability, performance and value, these bunk heater models give truckers an edge over the cold.