Let's explore the New World!

By: Robert de La Salle

The year is 1667, and I am going to ask you, King Louis XIV, a question that I would like you to consider very carefully.  I am asking, your majesty, that you fund my trip to the new world.  I will establish fur-trade routes along the Mississippi River, and I will search for gold and land, to increase the wealth and size of France.  I was also doing some spying, and Spain is sending some explorers to Florida to establish land and take over a French settlement, Fort Caroline!  If I encounter those people, I will try to reason with them using words, and if they don't accept it, I will simply order the large amount of soldiers that I hope you give me to fight them.  The obstacles that I will prepare to encounter is inaccurate maps, crude navigational tools, diseases, and, hopefully not, traitors on board the ship.  I will probably keep the sick isolated to see if they will recover.  If not, it's overboard for them.  So, your majesty, what do you say about funding the trip to the new world?  Think about it, wealth, more land , more power, all for you, and you only.

This is a project by Sashider Rajesh, in Mrs. Hershberger's 5th period Individuals and Societies class.

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