STAAR Narrative Writing Test Step-By-Step Guide

By:Sophia Campbell

Remember to take your time!!!

Step one:Relax and wait silently for your teacher to pass out the test.

Step two:Once your test is on your desk,wait for your teacher to tell you to start the test.

Step three:When your teacher has told you start,CAREFULLY open your test packet by moving the papers apart SLOWLY.

Step four:Read the provided prompt.

Step five:Brainstorm about your possibilities for the prompt using a circle map.

Step six:Pick ONE idea from your circle map to use for your main subject.

Step seven:Brainstorm about that idea using a circle map.

Quick reminder:This is the STAAR Test and you need to do your best work.

Step eight:Write your kernel essay sentences answering the events of your story in order of when they happened.

Step nine:Make a flee map with your three main,global reason with details.

Step ten:Add transition words to each of your main reasons.

Step eleven: Take a brain break for a minute or two,but make sure that you don't interrupt the rest of the class.

Step twelve:Read over your flee map and edit it.

Step thirteen:Read over your flee map again and this time revise it.

Step fourteen:Now write your rough draft.

Step fifteen: Read over your rough draft and fix mistakes.

Step sixteen:Write your final copy on the lined paper.

Step seventeen:Read over your final copy and fix your mistakes.

Step eighteen:Read over ALL your work INCLUDING the brainstorming.

Step nineteen:Fix your mistakes.

Step twenty:Good job!!!Your done!!!Put your name on your test,quietly give it to your teacher,and read a book.

Kernel Essay questions.

Quick reminder:look at the list of things that you need to fix (there is a picture below)