Paul Bunion

By JyronnBrinkley

People thought he as some big dude that like to cut trees  and eat  food.He was a big man that lived long ago he was  a role model for lumberjack is. People say  his lungs were very very very  strong that  he could  yelled for dinner that the trees would fall on the ground. That tall man was so strong that with his ax i only had took one swing for da ax to cut through tree.  People  believed  he made lake superior. Tall tales are always good tell if you want to hear a good story.

1.Why was he an important role modle

2. who was he know for

3. was he antagonists  or protagonist

4.Whats the moral of the story

5. What were some of his character traits

The story is a complex theme  of writing. The theme dont try to throw. There is no conflict. Uslly the  theme to the  story is  foreshadown in the middle of the story after that there the problem or the conflict To me all of the  Paul bunion stories that ive herd are interesting. after all to me i think a good theme is enjoy life for what is is.

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