The Courtship System

Marketing Success Formula Month 1, Lesson 1 by Jomar Hilario

The courtship system Jomar Hilario Style is counter intuitive.

You have learned that the way to do marketing is this way:

  • You define the target market by looking at the profile of your customers
  • Create messages to sell to your target market
  • Send these selling messages many times
  • Wait for the target market to buy

Well, this may have worked in the offline world.

However, it is entirely different in the online world. Primarily because there is no face to face interaction so you will need extra steps to build trust with your market.

The purpose of having an online presence, be it a blog, FB Page, YouTube Channel, etc. is to gather your crowd.

This is your very first objective: Gather Your crowd — not to sell.

You can easily do this by using the Jomar Hilario Courtship system.


Yes, in tagalog, LIGAW.

To better understand this system, I’m going to show you how to do this.

Here’s the scenario:

Sixto Carlos – he is a veterinarian who owns Makati Dog and Cat Hospital.

Sixto and his assistant, Abby, are enrolled in my MMI Platinum program and have now joined me in the Marketing Success Formula. All in all, I am mentoring 4 of them from the Makati Dog and Cat Hospital.

Now, Sixto wants to start a new business online. Sixto’s interests are varied, he is into comic books, martial arts, and he loves books on persuasion and business management.

For his online business, he wants to focus on persuasive communication.

He needs to get contacts/clients/prospects for his new business.

Now, pretend that you are Sixto starting on your online business. Here are the steps that you need to do.


1. Look at your book collection and choose your favorite books on persuasive communication.

Sixto identifies his fave authors on persuasive communication. He reads Robert Cialdini and Chip Heath and Dan Heath among others.

2. You get in touch with your favorite authors.


Sixto wants to have his fave authors on his side, he wants to partner with them and work with them.

More importantly, they have the LIST of people whom he wants to reach also.

He looks into the profiles of Robert Cialdini, Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

He starts of with Robert Cialdini

His profile photo in

Cialdini in Twitter. Note that he has many followers and is quite active in Twitter.

His official Facebook account.

Robert Cialdini in Google Plus

Youtube channel of Robert Cialdini

His Website

3. Look at his online presence and see where he needs help the most.

In the case of Robert Cialdini, he probably needs help in his Facebook page.

Sixto will send a Twitter message to Robert Cialdini

Why Twitter? Robert Cialdini is more active in Twitter

“Hi Robert, I enjoyed reading your books and have re-read your comic book “Influence” several times! Every time I read it, I get new insights that I can apply in my business. Hope I can be a assistance to you.”

This is how Sixto will introduce himself via email or PM in FB:

“I am an online marketer and I am currently being mentored by the Philippines’ Guru on online marketing. I am learning loads of great stuff from him and I would like to assist you in attracting more sales for your business.

Hypothetically, if you were to ask someone for help, what kind of help would you want that someone to give you?

I am doing this on voluntary basis for you have helped me so much in my business. I would like to pay it forward to my mentors and greatest influences in my business life you are one of them.”

What will you do if you did not get a reply?

Send him another message.

Eh Jomar, he ignored my first message, hindi ba sya makukulitan?

If you send him several messages, he will notice you.

He will see that you are serious with your intentions.

Until when will you send messages?

Until you get a response from him.

Sixto will do the same thing for Dan Heath and Chip Heath and the other people who have great influence on him.

4. When any of your fave authors responds with the kind of help or assistance that he needs, DO IT!

Sixto does this for his other influencers.

Sixto asks, “When do I stop?”

Jomar answers, “You don’t.”

5. Keep doing them favors in online marketing.


Remember, you are making LIGAW.

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