If you had your own amusement or theme park what would you do to make it so they wanted to stay?

It would help there business make more money because they know people will more likely to come on the weekends instead of during the week. So therefor they should charge more during the weekend and less during the week because they will have more people coming in on the weekend because people are normally off work on the weekends and teenagers do not have school. They can give specials for buying the tickets for the amusement parks earlier in the week or even buying them for a special event at the park. You could give specials to people who buy a certain amount of tickets at one time. You could do something like buy 3 get the 4th one for free. You could have some of the tickets having specials such as going out to eat or getting a free dinner at an exclusive place after buying a certasin amount of tivkets.

Evaluating Movie Trailer

The clips they show in this trailer are partly from the movie I think. They show parts of the movie that are most interesting. The reason they do this is to get your attention on coming to the movie. They make it seem like it stands out with action. People will wanna see it because of how interesting the trailer is. They mix in clips that are throughout the movie to get the attention off the viewers because it will make the movie more attention grabbing. The makers and producers of the movie are trying to mix in the clips that they think will get the most attention and hype about the movie. They give you an outline about the movie and give you plot twists that you think you wont see coming. It outlines the plot line of the basic spider man movies or most spider man movies. They give you a pretty good out line of the movie in the trailer. They want you to watch the trailer so that you feel like its real. The trailer of the movie is good at using the parts of the movie in various parts of the trailer. They have clips of him in action doing things that are the climax of the movie. Making it seem like those parts happen often in the movie and not just once. They use stuff in the movie to make you feel what they are feeling, such as action, drama between characters like spider man and his girlfriend. They make the action seem out standing by putting stuff blowing up and having cops in the movie and being able to keep the movie going.

Why do you think artists continue to sign with major record deals?

30 seconds to mars is a great example of this. 30 seconds to mars was promised a great deal by getting money for doing something they loved doing. 30 seconds to mars never thought they would have a lawsuit with a company that promised them money and deals that will get them farther. EMI put stuff in the contract saying stuff that 30 seconds to mars didn't see in the contract and that they didn't understand. I think the mane reason artists continue to sign with record labels is because they are promised a whole bunch of money in the beginning and normally people who are trying to become famous is because they had no money and want money. So record labels send them a whole bunch of money that they cant say no to. Record labels later take advantage of the newer artists saying that they will do stuff that never happens and the artist isnt smart enough to know better or not and they get sucked into debt.

Do you think many new artists know that deals with major record labels are unfair?

I think some new artists know that the record labels are trying to get all the money out of everything that the artists do. Some new people make good decisions about choosing the right record label. Some artists will sign with any record label because they are promised so much money in the beginning. They get that amount for just signing to that record label. The newest artists are starting to realize that they shouldn't sign with the labels because there agent knows not to let them. But that's if they get there agent before signing because the agent actually knows that labels are going to try and screw over the record company. The agents are not gonna let the labels screw over there client because they want to be known as a good agent. a newer artist needs to know stuff and not just hop right into the business. nowadays the newest artists aren't gonna get screwed over because of there agents. I think the artists do know they are unfair and then i think some artists don't know that. Some of them have never been shown that much money at once so most new artists will take that offer right away. But there is artists out there that do not sign until the contract is negotiated.

What would you do if you were 30 seconds to mars?

30 seconds to mars got screwed over in there record label. Getting a lawsuit that was 30 million dollars. In would wanna get the best lawyers read over the contract over and over again until i figured out a way to turn the contract onto them. I wouldn't let them get away with suing me for that much money when i made the music. 30 seconds to mars signed a bad deal with EMI they got screwed over by saying they have to make a certain amount of record in a certain amount of time before they could get off there record label. They didn't know that and they had been trying for 7 years to get out of the record label. I would want my agent to find out any way possible to get me out of that contract with that label. I would have them get the best lawyers out there no matter how much they costed. Because in the long run ill get out of the label and sign with a different one maybe and then get more money and end up paying them back.

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