How Is Our Government Doing?

by Duncan Eastman

Oklahoma Gay Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional By Judge

Judge Terence Kern ruled that the ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, which is working to "improve the quality of people's lives", by allowing same-sex couples to marry. Kern came to the conclusion that marriage equality, and in fact fundamental equality, for members of the LGBT community is guaranteed in the constitution.

Justice Department will revise its stance on racial profiling

Because of pressuring from Congressional Democrats and civil rights movements, the Justice Department is no longer granting officials the freedom of considering religion, race, or sexual orientation in investigations, which is an example of the government trying to "secure the blessings of liberty". This revision has been in progress for years, starting with a US Attorney Holder speech saying that racial profiling is wrong. The revision is not public, but it is clear that it will be put in place very soon.

Charges filed in Roswell school shooting

Mason Campbell has been charged with three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, proving that the government is working to "Insure domestic tranquility", by preventing further attacks. The 7th grader concealed a shotgun in a duffle bag and brought it to his middle school in Roswell, New Mexico, and students were taken out of school for several days and counselors are now stationed in all classrooms at the school.