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Alma Media's is one of the largest real estate sites in Finland. It has a large archives of images featuring homes and interiors as well as ideas for home decoration.  In 2013 Alma Media's team contacted ThingLink to explore a new ad format that would allow advertisers to embed sponsored links to images.

When a visitor in the image gallery moves their mouse over the image, they can see hotspots that show the name of the product and a link to a product catalog.


Sponsored, well-curated links offer an easy and quick way to learn more about products, their designers, and manufacturers.  When the viewer has the chance to preview initial information in the popup,  clicks becomes more valuable.


Sponsored links in images is an easy and risk free model to increase conversion. charges advertisers per link views and per clicks.

"In less than 10 months we have managed to build a whole new advertising business around sponsored interactive images. ThingLink has been a great technology partner, and we look forward to actively scale this business model in the next two years", says Juha Mäkivaara, head of new business development at Alma Media.

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