1950s and 1980s

pop music history, Crutcher

Three key pop artists in the 50s were Eddie Fisher, Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Mathis. Some big hits during this time period were Outside of Heaven, Strangers in the Night, and Chances Are. Music during this decade was very vocal based and told more of an emotional story.

Popular songs of the 80s were Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Purple Rain by Prince, and Material Girl by Madonna. The music of this time had more instruments than that of the 50s, there were digital recordings, and it was more performance based than in the 50s.

Other popular music genres of the 50s were rock n' roll, country western, and r&b. Others of the 80s were post-disco, soft rock, glam metal, shred guitar, quiet storm, and smooth jazz.

Popular tv shows of the 50s were I Love Lucy and Tom and Jerry. In the 80s it was Full House and The Simpsons.





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