If I Could Use a Time Machine....

BY: Kayla Bowery - Elko middle School

If I could use a time machine I would go to the past. I would want to go to the court office when I was 10 and change there mind. They said that I was not allowed to spend the nights with my dad. I could only see him for 2 hours & 30 minutes a week with supervision. People like my family members to supervise us. My uncle was supervising us until he could not anymore because of work.

I was sad he couldn't anymore but I saw my dad on July 4th, the day before my birthday. He brought me a card and money with a flower and some candy.

I really want to go back in time to see my dad. I want to see him as long as I want & what weekends I want to. That would be cool if I could, but no. They cant tell me why I cant see him but they can when I am like 16 or 17 years old.

I am his only girl in fact his only child and he cant even see me. I remember play games, going to places we liked, riding bikes in the neighbor hood, cooking with him, and making our favorite sweets and (homemaade) fruit salad.

He lives with my granny (his mother), so I cant see her often. Sometimes she picks me up at my house and we going shopping, and eating lunch, or what ever we want. one time we went to vcc. it was a while before we got there but I brought my dad something for fathers day.

this is what i would do if i go back in time with a time machine.

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