AFC West

By: Corbin K


Tac  As of right now the chargers are in the lead with a record of 5-2. The broncos are in second with a record of 4-3. The raiders are in third and aren't doing very well they have a record of 3-4. And of course the chiefs are in last and doing terrible there record is 1-6 the chiefs better step up their game it up!


Jamal Charles is one of the best running backs in the NFL he averages 55 rushing yards a game that is really good! Dyane Bowe averages 45 receiving yards a game that is okay for a wide receiver sometimes. But sometimes he is really good and has 90 receiving  yards . Dexter McCluster he hipper extended his elbow but he is playing , now ever since he has been playing he has been doing very well with a average of 25 receiving yards a catch that is really good. The chiefs have only won one super bowl but I think they will win next year. A long time ago the chiefs were really good when we had a great quarter back and a great running back like Priest Holmes.


The chargers are doing pretty good they are in first place in the AFC West. Philip rivers is doing very good he averages 200 passing yards a game and he averages 25 complete passes a game. Antonio gates is one of the best tight ends in the NFL he hardly ever drops a pass he catches half of Philip Rivers passes that means that he averages 10 catches a game that is really good for a wide receiver. Ryan Matthews is a really good running back he averages 10 yards a rush that is really good hardly anybody can do that.


The raiders are in third place. The raiders and the chiefs are rivals they hate each other. Sebastian janakowski is a lefty and he is a kicker he can kick a 53 yards that is really long. Darren McFadden is a really good running back he averages 12 yards a run that is really good. Carson Palmer is the quarter back for the raiders he is pretty good he completes 15 passes a game and averages 12 yards a pass.


Payton used to be the best quarter back in the league but now he plays for the broncos and he took Tim Tebows spot. Payton‚Äôs averages 17 complete passes a game and averages 13 yards a pass. Matt Prater is one of the best field goal kickers his longest field goal is 57 yards at practice he kicked a 70 yard field goal he is a really good kicker.