My House is Fire !..... - C8

WIK/What I Know

  • Something is on fire
  • Gwen's house is on fire
  • The fire in Gwen's house is HUGE
  • Gwen is missing

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Someone was about to hit Carlos with a tire iron
  • Tom went to the bonfire with Nikki
  • When Tom was trying to save Carlos from the angry Marietta guy, he yanked the tire iron and it hit his principal's car
  • Police are questioning Tom and Gwen
  • Gwen lied to the police
  • Gwen gave them a fake address
  • Police let them go
  • Police might come to Gwen's fake house
  • Gwen and Tom are going to Tom's house
  • Gwen is happy, that her house is gone


Tom Harris : Tom is a life saver. Tom saved, his friend Carlos from the angry Marietta guy. He didn't think for himself about if he will get hurt he didn't want his friend to get hurt.

Gwen Jones : Gwen isn't a trustworthy person. Gwen lied to the police giving them a fake address saying that's her house.

Snap Shot

I am using this picture as my "snap shot" because in this chapter it said that Gwen's house is on fire. That's why I'm using this picture for my " snap shot"