"Views from the 6"

by: Alejandro Mendoza and Saul Matinez

Philippians 4:13

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Flag of Views from the six

Meaning of flag:

Red- Is be the blood of the 6 god

Hands- To signify the importance of the True God

1- For there is only ONE true GOD.

Olive Green- Signifies amity in the world.

Black- Signifies the evil being punished for worshiping another idol.

Constitution of "Views from the 6"

“Views from the 6”






The purpose of this country is to provide liberty from the OVO Committee and to teach people about the one and only true God. Our existence is to prolong amity in the world. Our goals are to make the people realize that there is only one true god and, that is our god.


The requirements to be apart of the rebellion is to keep the OVO Fam is to keep it in one general location instead of expansion. We also believe in amity in the world instead of absolute power. We also believe in the true god which has gave us tranquility in the world while the 6 god tries to destroy that. The expectations would be to despise the 6 God and do everything in your power to prolong amity in the world. We request them to be faithful citizens and not to lie about what side you truly are on. If the 6 God members try to attack you will be provided with assistance and help to wound the 6 Gods members.


Our lord Jesus Christ is the leader of us as he will help aid us in any way possible. Our type of government is the Federal Monarchy as god tells us what to as we fight for Amity. He was automatically as he helped us gain tranquility in the world. The Angels and Saints will provide protection for God as he continues to be the leader in our government and begins to defeat the 6 god.


We provide freedom, we provide security, we provide education. We go against Views from the 6, therefore citizens must hate them, they must not follow their orders they must do everything in their power to stop their ruling.


  1. You shall have no other gods before me.
  2. You shall not make idols.
  3. You shall not take the lord your god in vain.
  4. You shall not kill a fellow brethren.
  5. Help the OVO Fam realize that there is only one true Savior in this world.
  6. No fellow brethren shall go against our true god.
  7. The true God shall protect you if you worship him.
  8. Destroy any idol that represents the 6 God.
  9. Disobey the OVO Committee’s laws at any moment possible.
  10. The true God shall disregard any harm done to you and heal you from the attacks of the OVO Fam.


We are supported by people in the government that want the OVO Committee to stop ruling Sixland. One way that we can stop Views from the 6 is by giving education to our people.Education is free we were made equal so nobody should be denied or charged for education. If you choose not to take education into consideration their would be no punishment.


The hands signifies the worshiping of only one true god. While the 1 signifies there's only one god. The meaning is to worship the actual god and not idolize other phony gods.


The one that has all the power is the one and only true god.

Figure Head

The one and only true God.

Characteristics and Abilities:

Our characteristics of our god is he is smart, strong and the perfect rebel to lead us to victory. He can do everything you wish him to do, but he will not do it immediately. He is the savior of us and is only the one. Nobody is larger than god for he created you. You betray him by worshiping the 6 God.

The Story of our savior.

Our god Holy Spirit was raised like any other mortal. He was raised in a family of eight people. The Holy Spirit was the oldest of the eight and also the wisest. Only he believed in Amity in his community of people. While his brother and sisters believed in war and vengeance!

He lived in a developing community with a population of 28. He did not know that these were only the 28 people in the whole world. The Holy Spirit believed to always help the lower class.

What god did not notice is his little brother the sixth born was evil. He caused the most trouble in the world. His name he wanted to promote was the 6 GOD. He thought everything and anything in the land was his and didn’t care about your opinion. He killed everybody in the community. Well that’s what he thought. The Holy Spirit survived and therefor the 6 God is brainwashing everyone in his way. The 6 God decided to leave our world and conquer the rest of the universe.

The Holy Spirit is our savior of the world for he believed in creating a civilization to take down the dreadful 6 God. Since the Holy Spirit saw his brother leave Earth he decided to create a new world, and to create new people. The Holy Spirit helped nurture and aid everyone to gain the knowledge that the Holy Spirit had.

This was ruined when the 6 God came back to Earth and began a new army for he had failed in conquering the universe. He offered all the riches and luxuries to the Holy Spirits disciples to try to convert them to his side. The Holy Spirit did not care if you betrayed him because you were never loyal to begin with. The Holy Spirit and his army are the only piece of humanity we have left. The world would not exist without the Holy Spirit for he created everything and anything. While the 6 God just tries to take credit for it.

Propaganda Posters

National Anthem

(You wish you knew the true god our savior,

Cause when the 6 God is dead you’ll be asking for a favor.)

When the true god comes you’ll be on your knees,

cause just like the OVO Fam you’re so naive.

You’ll be scared to death when the real god comes to the land,

Cause when he’s coming you’ll be drifting away in the sand.

Even your God will run away from the king,

and by the time he’s done he’ll be tap dancing and singing.

(You wish you knew the true god our savior,

Cause when the 6 God is dead you’ll be asking for a favor.)

So is it really in 6 god we trust,

but we both know it's 6 God we bust.

So believe me now we got the true ruler,

and when you switch to our side you’ll be even cooler.

There’s nothing to be scared about,

even though the OVO Fam is about to get knocked out.

Look at all the people the true god has saved,

Cause like a mean parent you better not misbehave.

(You wish you knew the true god our savior,

Cause when the 6 God is dead you’ll be asking for a favor.)

The Ministry of "Love"

When they say it’s a healer and a problem solver then it basically means they’re going to brainwash you. If you don’t agree with the brainwashing then you will be persecuted because they aren’t going to waste their time on someone that won’t obey their commands. Just like any other facility to help you “heal” from what your mind has been thinking. When in reality their healing is just brainwashing you and making you one of their clones.

When they say, “move forward as a country” they’re really just stating that you either obey their orders, or you are not in their future. The 6 God doesn’t care if you’re not in the OVO FAM future because he “thinks” he can withstand the damage. You’re either in on his world domination or you’re out and hoping for revenge.

Now you see the 6 God doesn’t want love in his country because he lost his one true love. Now he must say that he “had” to leave her, but in the real world she cheated on him with the true god. For instance, if he had loved her then he would’ve kept going back because if it is true love then distance won’t matter. She cheated on him and this is way there is “NO” such thing as love in his country.

The 6 God is displeased with everyone disregarding his laws and beliefs because he knows they worship the true god. He even knows that the healing will not last forever for the true God will prevail and start a new. Even the 6 God ponders about the day there is that one person who the treatment does not affect. For he knows persecution WILL occur and an outbreak will happen in his own confinement. So is it really IN 6 GOD WE TRUST? Or is it IN 6 GOD WE BUST?

Propaganda Video

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