By: Josh Ballard

The capital of Oman is Muscat and the meaning of their flag is that the red strip means Omani blood, the white stands for peace and prosperity and the green stands for Islam and for the fertility. Oman is located next to Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Qatar and it’s in Russia. The only major land form in Oman is the Arabian Desert. The major bodies of water in Oman are Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. The major land marks in Oman are Jebel Misht and grand cannon of Wadi Ghul. Oman has a Monarchy government and there leader is QUABOOS bin Said Al-said. Their leader is chosen by elections and whoever gets the most votes. There are no political parties allowed and at the age 21 if you are in the military you cannot vote. Oman is rich and they have 81.95 billion dollars in their country and they pay in Omani Rial. Their export partners are UAE, Japan, China, India and US. Oman’s life expectancy is 76.59 years and there birth rate is 21 and there literacy rate is 86.62 %. Their drinking source is 93%.  Woman in Oman have to wear a short sleeve shirt and ¾ pants and not shorts and Men have to wear Pants and a long sleeve shirt. The language the people mostly speak in Oman is Arabic. The music that is popular is when it has a nice rhythm and flow to it. Their main food is there cuisines it is very simple for then to make them and they throw in some spices into them to and they drink Omani halwa it is a very sweet desert and with their meal they have rice and have a wide variety of soup. Their main holiday is birthday of sultan and it takes place November 18 and they celebrate it for the rest of their lives. For their entertainment they play Football and soccer. Their religion in Oman is Islam. Oman is a hot desert climate and their average yearly weather is 85 to 95 degrees. This climate affects the amount of water used every year and they have low rain fall so it would be hard to have water with low waterfall and have to drink the water in the hot climate.In 1698 Oman and Zanzibar where in war against each other and Zanzibar lost but came back for revenge and killed their leader in 1856 and they were never allies ever again their relationship broke. In 1950 the British started war and slowly collapsed Muscat and Oman without trying then there leader came in to this and in the 1970’s they called US to help them which they did so they could persevere all wars and after their victory against British and Yemen, Oman and US are now allies with each other.

US has the freedom to dress them selves but Oman has to get dress as the leader says.

US gets Entertained by all sports and games but Oman gets only entertained by Football and soccer. US and Oman both play football and soccer but not games and we have the freedom dress but Oman doesn't but if we get arrested then we have to have certain clothes just like Oman.

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